24-7 Prayer - Local house of prayer

During 2017, we were inspired by the 24-7 Prayer Movement - www.24-7prayer.com - to seek God for a special prayer space for our town.

Sutton Vineyard were led by God to take on the old Dolphin pub in the centre of Sutton. We believe God has given the gift of this place to all of the churches in Sutton and the surrounding area, to help us prioritise prayer. 

The Dolphin, formally a pub with a less-than positive past, has been transformed into a place of community, outreach, prayer and numerous other ministries. As part of the renovations, the back room of this pub has physically and spiritually become a place for anyone and everyone to meet God and soak up His presence.

We want the prayer room to support the rhythm of prayer within the churches of Sutton. A place to plug in and charge up all the groups we are a part of, missions we lead and communities we contribute to and give it all back to God.

We want the prayer room to bring those who do not know God to meet and engage with Him in a way they may not have been exposed to before. A  place set aside to offer sanctuary and acceptance. Our prayer is that relationships are formed and built in this space, in God’s presence.

Prayer Month JANUARY 2019 - Alpha, EVANGELISM and Invitation

The theme for January in The Prayer Room @ The Dolphin is Alpha, Evangelism and Invitation and from Sunday 13th January to Sunday 20th January we will be running a 24-7 week of prayer.

As we start a New Year, our desire remains to see more and more people meet Jesus in the year ahead. We long to see our church grow and the Sutton area flourish as a place where Jesus is increasingly building His Kingdom amongst us.

Our Alpha course starts on Wednesday 30th January and we need to be inviting our family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues who don’t yet know Him to come along.

You are invited to come to The Prayer Room and be motivated and encouraged to pray for God to bless our outreach and witness in the year ahead. To pray for boldness and and faithfulness as we invite people to Alpha and share our faith with those we meet through HOTS, Wendy House, Lighthouse and other ministries and within our daily lives.

We'd love to hear your stories of how God meets with you there - please do get in touch 24-7@suttonvineyard.org


The Prayer Room is available for anyone to use - click on the following link to sign up. 

You will be directed to a sign up calendar, simply select a time slot you wish to use the room and fill out the online form. You will see the question 'Book for exclusive use?' If you want to use the room privately please tick this box. If you are happy for others to book the same time slot, please leave this un ticked. 

Once you have completed the online process you will receive an email confirming your booking. This email is important as it contains information and instructions on how to get to The Dolphin Prayer Room and gain access.  


The prayer room has stations around the room, clearly marked with laminated instructions on the wall. How you use them or not is completely up to you. The stations are there to help us pray for certain aspects of the world around us and ourselves but they are by no means compulsory.

The room is kitted out with chairs, cushions, art materials, tea and coffee making facilities, water and plenty more. Please be aware there is no toilet access. 

For more information, speak to Wendy Sullivan or Amy Page or email 24-7@suttonvineyard.org