What if my financial circumstances change such that I wish to reduce or even stop my giving?

You are simply stating your intention to give to Sutton Vineyard. If your circumstances change for unforeseen reasons, you are free to stop your giving, we just ask you to inform us in writing. 

What if I leave Sutton Vineyard or for some other reason wish to cease giving?

The same applies. You are not tied in, in any way. Just let us know, and if you are giving by Standing Order, simply inform your Bank.

What if I cease to be a taxpayer?

Let us know immediately so that we can cease claiming tax back from the Inland Revenue at the appropriate point in the tax year (we may be able to claim back tax on gifts after your change of circumstances due to the amount of tax you may have already paid that year).

How often shall I make the payments?

Unless it is more convenient for you to make payments quarterly or annually, giving by monthly standing order is by far the most preferable method, because it makes the church’s financial management easier. If you wish to alter the amounts you give you just have to alter your standing order – the Gift Aid Declaration will automatically cover you for the new amount. Under the Gift Aid Declaration you can also make donations whenever you wish, either by cheque or cash in a named envelope.

What if I wish to give a lump sum as a one-off gift?

This is fine and can be made for any amount. The declaration you have made in this form means that we are able to claim back tax you have paid on the amount you have given.

What happens to the money I give?

Stewarding God’s money well is a high priority. Every effort is made to ensure money is used responsibly and wisely. Checks are in place to ensure that money is used well, and to prevent wastage or theft.

As both a Charitable Trust and Charitable Company we are governed by charity and company law, our accounts being submitted annually and our Trustees, who receive monthly copies of the income and expenditure, ensure the money is used for the purpose for which it is given. Copies of the accounts will be made available if you would like to see them.

May we take this opportunity to say how grateful we are to you for your financial commitment.

Any questions?

Email: accounts@suttonvineyard.org