Our Values

  • Be biblical: teaching the truth week by week.

  • Worship: children’s worship is powerful (Psalm 8: 2).

  • Invite the Holy Spirit: it is through His presence in all things that the children experience the reality of Jesus and relationship with God.

  • Pray: cover our children’s ministry in prayer within our church community alongside teaching the children to pray recognising that prayer is a two-way conversation.

  • Release: building confidence into our children that they hear God for themselves (Romans 8: 28).

  • Partner with families: equipping and encouraging parents to be the primary spiritual influence in their children’s lives.

  • Have fun: relationship with Jesus is not boring and we determine that our children will experience that!

  • Stay safe: we have a Child Protection Policy and safeguard our children at all levels: spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our policy is available on our website or at the Welcome Area in church on a Sunday.

  • Grow leaders: We equip and invest in the leadership of our children’s ministry alongside seeking to develop leadership qualities in the children themselves.