Lighthouse is run by Sutton Vineyard as a way of showing God's love in a practical way.

Lighthouse provides good-quality clothes and equipment for 0-5's in a supportive and caring environment. It is free of charge and open to anyone who needs it, regardless of their income, background or faith.

Lighthouse opened in June 2017; in the two years since then we have received over 650 visits from over 200 different people. In the last year alone we have had over 500 visits. That’s a 330% increase over the previous year! Moving to the Dolphin and spreading the word through the community and local networks of professionals was vital to increasing the number of people we have helped.

Our average session attendance has increased each half term since opening - we started with the occasional visitor, some sessions no one came. This time last year our half term average was 7 visitors per session; now it is double that with an average of 15 visitors. Our busiest ever session was in June with 21 visitors (plus children, companions, donators and team, that made for a very busy Dolphin). 

We have given over 60 prams/buggies (half of these since January this year) and 36 high chairs (again, nearly half of these since January). Not to mention giving out clothing on 416 occasions, as well as countless other items. Having said that, our motto is that it's not about the stuff. We love the way that Lighthouse enables us to share Gods love in a practical way, but also gives us the opportunity to tell people that LH exists because Jesus loves them. We are able to offer prayer to those that come through the doors and look forward to inviting more visitors to groups where they can learn more about the Christian faith.

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