In April 1997, Jason and Bev Clark, along with ten friends, were blessed and sent from South West London Vineyard to start the community that is now known as Sutton Vineyard. They had been living in Sutton with their family for three years, and felt it was to be home to a new church.

From small beginnings, meeting in Jason and Bev’s home, we sought to follow Jesus together in our everyday, ordinary lives. At the same time we wanted to invite local people to explore both their questions and doubts with us – such as: 'What does it mean to be a Christian?'; 'What does it mean to be church?’; and ‘How do we make a difference in our local community?’

Today, a multitude of stories – about joining the church, seeing God’s goodness, and serving neighbours and community – has given birth to a church family of 350 adults and 150 children from all kinds of backgrounds. As we do life together, we seek to grow in faith and reach our wider community.