Soul Survivor:

Soul Survivor is an interdenominational Christian festival over the summer, it a chance for Young people to meet together, praise and worship as one body, have lots of fun with an amazing host of activities available and learn more about what it means to follow Christ. This year is in a new location of East of England Showground in Peterborough, PE2 6HE.


To book this please go to From the home page pleased click “Summer” at the top and then click on week B (19th-23rd August).

It will ask you for an email address to link your booking with Sutton Vineyard. This email is



As a group, we will get a coach to and from Soul Survivor and the cost of this will be around £30. It will involve us leaving on the morning of the 19th and returning in the afternoon of the 24th Monday afternoon. Further details will be sent closer to the time for all who book.



As a group, we will all eat together and the leaders will be cooking and providing food for the whole time away. The cost of this will be around £30 and any dietary needs will inform the planning of meals and provision.



Within this residential trip there is opportunity for independence for the Young People in a safe and secure environment but there will also be leaders from Sutton Vineyard (all DBS checked) attending with the Young People and we will all camp in one area so the leaders can be called upon at any time throughout the time away.



For Soul Survivor, it is good to pack for every type of weather. A good waterproof and wellington boots have been well used in the past but shorts or lighter clothes can also be invaluable as the weather can vary so much. Young people will also need to bring:

  • toiletries (including towel) 

  • sleeping bag

  • pillow

  • roll mat or inflatable bed

  • camping chair

  • cutlery

  • eating bowl, plate, mug and plastic cup for cold drinks.

  • It is also advisable to bring a spare carrier/bin bag for dirty clothes.