John’s Gospel: Born again - John 3:1-21

In today's talk Pete explores Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus and we discover that success isn't what we thought it was.

90 degrees - a new perspective

Over the last 2 weeks Jason has gone through some of the amazing things which have happened across SVC over the past 12 months, the Trustees give some financial feedback and some of the members of the church talk about their own giving and how it's affected them.

John’s Gospel: Cleansing the Temple - John 2: 13-24

Ben Parker continues our series on John's Gospel looking at 'Cleansing the Temple' John 2:13-24.

John’s Gospel: The First Miracle - John 2:1-11

Water into wine- a miracle and and a sign of the new and abundant joy that Jesus announces for all people. How will you respond to this joy that Jesus offers? The talk is given by Sarah Webb.

John’s Gospel: The First Disciples - John 1: 35-51

Where the other gospels unpack the history, John unveils the mystery; where the others lay out a biographical account, John sets out a series of signs and patterns with the clear purpose of presenting the Jesus he knew. This account of the calling of the first disciples is chosen and included not just because it happened this way, but because there are patterns here - for all of us. Come and See!

John’s Gospel: The Word of God - John 1:1-18

The Logos, the For-always Christ, chooses to punch a hole through eternity and to dwell among us. Find out why as Pete kicks of our new series in John's Gospel.

Immunity to Change: Are You Holding Yourself Back?

We all know that often when we decide to make changes in our lives, life and many things kick back against us. In Romans 7, Paul shows us how ultimately we are the biggest thing that pushes back against ourselves why we need to understand that.

John’s Gospel: The Baptism of Jesus - John 1:19-34

Jason continues our series on John's Gospel with his talk Unworthy?: The Key To Self Confidence as he looks at the baptism of Jesus. John the Baptist discovered security in who was and profound identity that is available to us today.

Outside In: The Guaranteed Route to God Blessing You

Life makes us fear, and worry lack, and then protect, hold back and conserved. Yet Jesus shows us that we open the door to God blessing us, by doing the opposite.