[un]qualified: Part 12 - Jesus

[un]qualified: Part 11 - Elijah

Can any intelligent person seriously consider the life of Jesus presented by the gospel writers is a myth? In this talk Brian presents in summary a thesis that in spite of His humble origins, not only is the man Jesus unarguably the most influential person who ever lived, He is the only one qualified to be an all sufficient saviour. Speaker: Brian Durrant.
Sarah Webb talks about the importance of silence and solitude and what Elijah shows us about navigating these spiritual disciplines.

[un]qualified: Part 10 - Jigsaws

[un]qualified: Part 9 - David

Pete Hardie talks to us about the poem and the problem in Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 which revolves around the highs and lows of life and how we can often only see one piece of the larger jigsaw.
Sometimes God's call on our lives is clear and obvious. At other times we seem to hear nothing at all. How are we to tell the difference? The ninth part of our [un]qualified series looks at the life of David and how God used him in extraordinary ways. Speaker: Paul Lewis.

[un]qualified: Part 8 - Esther

[un]qualified: part 7 - Legion

A young girl intercedes with a King to save a nation from destruction. What does that mean for us in 2019?

The story of Legion and what we can learn from his life changing interaction and transformation.