[un]qualified: Part 3 - Jonah

Looking at what the story of Jonah tells us about the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

[un]qualified: Part 2 - Gideon

[Un]qualified: Part 1 - Gideon

Gideon wanted to hide in his weaknesses their in the wine-press. But God had other ideas.

Peter Hardie kicks off our new (un)qualified series looking at Gideon reading from Judges 6:1-16. This week how Gideon's life was now no longer determined by his circumstances but by God's view of him.

Easter Sunday

Mission - Genesis 12: 1-4

Every Easter we declare “Christ is Risen” – but how confident are you of this; what could you base this confidence on and what difference does it, or could it, make to your life?
Jason Clark talks on Mission looking at Genesis 12:1-4.

90 degrees - a new perspective

Immunity to Change: Are You Holding Yourself Back?

We all know that often when we decide to make changes in our lives, life and many things kick back against us. In Romans 7, Paul shows us how ultimately we are the biggest thing that pushes back against ourselves why we need to understand that.

Outside In: The Guaranteed Route to God Blessing You

Life makes us fear, and worry lack, and then protect, hold back and conserved. Yet Jesus shows us that we open the door to God blessing us, by doing the opposite.