Who Are WE?

Sutton Vineyard is a community of ordinary people who love Jesus and want those around us to know him too.

We meet on Sundays, but do life together during the week. We love our community, and want Sutton to look different because we exist.

Sutton Vineyard is affiliated to Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.






In April 1997, Jason and Bev Clark, along with ten friends, were blessed and sent from South West London Vineyard to start the community that is now known as Sutton Vineyard. They had been living in Sutton with their family for three years, and felt it was to be home to a new church.

From small beginnings, meeting in Jason and Bev’s home, we sought to follow Jesus together in our everyday, ordinary lives. At the same time we wanted to invite local people to explore both their questions and doubts with us – such as: 'What does it mean to be a Christian?'; 'What does it mean to be church?’; and ‘How do we make a difference in our local community?’

Today, a multitude of stories – about joining the church, seeing God’s goodness, and serving neighbours and community – has given birth to a church family of 350 adults and 150 children from all kinds of backgrounds. As we do life together, we seek to grow in faith and reach our wider community.

What We Believe 

Father: We believe in God the Father who has created all things and who reaches out to embrace all people everywhere.

Son: We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for the sins of the world and rose again on the third day, ascended into heaven and whose return is imminent.

Spirit: We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is the the third member of 'The Trinity'. We believe He is present in the Church to reveal and instruct, comfort and correct, empower and direct the followers of Jesus.

Bible: We believe that the Bible is the inspired written word of God. Therefore, it is or great value in our growth and development as followers of Jesus.

Church: We believe that Jesus Christ loves the Church and that through us God plans to make His saving love known to the world.

Worship: We believe that our highest calling is to worship God in word and action. We aim to express this through the love and devotion embodied in our music and compassion and generosity embodied in our lifestyles.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Pastoral Staff 

Admin Staff



Sutton Vineyard Church is a registered charity and therefore has a board of trustees who volunteer their time and wisdom to serve the church. Our trustees oversee the financial budget, reporting and procedures and legal accountability for our church.

Based on the vision set out by the senior leaders and staff, it's the role of the trustees to plan the finances of the church around this vision.

To contact them email contacttrustees@suttonvineyard.org



going green

going green

re-usable cups at Sutton Vineyard


For our Sunday Services, we do not have disposable cups available. Instead, we will have brand new, reusable cups! These are free for everyone, guests and regulars alike, and will be yours to keep and bring back each week.

We want to reduce the amount of waste we create as a church in order to look after the planet God has blessed us with.

If you lose/ forget your cup, they can be replaced for £3. You are also welcome to bring your own cup - there is no obligation to use ours!