Sutton Vineyard Church have adopted ASLAN-HIS as our main international missions relationship.

Sent off to Cape Town, South Africa, by Sutton Vineyard in October 2014, Denzil Dolley has established ASLAN-HOPE IN SPORT, a not-for-profit enterprise and ministry which works with young people, many of whom are at risk of being excluded from schools, vulnerable to crime or gangsterism and from communities that experience high levels of social deprivation.

ASLAN-HIS uses sport as a tool to engage with young people, enabling them to develop self-esteem, social responsibility, and life skills. These include the concepts of teamwork, leadership, self-control, making good choices, developing aspirations and respect. Young people are trained by coaches who are positive role models who will build mentoring relationships, self-esteem, and sense of purpose.

Originally modelled on Kick London’s vision of using football to deliver a similar football-based ministry for London, ASLAN-HIS was incorporated and gained charitable status early in 2015 and ASLAN-HIS Trustees (Brian Durrant, Deon Morgan and Alozie Nwankwo) appointed Denzil as full-time Development Officer in Cape Town.

Working with the support of donors, Denzil has secured contracts with ASLAN’s first fee-paying school, established regular soccer projects in the Dunoon township (home to some of SA’s poorest and most disadvantaged citizens) and set up a range of activities in the local community to reach young people, teaching them life skills and the message of hope (the Gospel) through sport.

The vision is to grow the number of school contracts, township projects and young trainee coaches who are coming to know Christ and will work alongside with Denzil as their mentor.

Sutton Vineyard provide sponsorship for ASLAN-HIS and are looking to send teams of people out to South Africa to support Denzil and the ASLAN-HIS. Watch out for more information on how to take part and be involved.

If you want to know more about ASLAN-HOPE IN SPORT, watch the video below, visit the website  or  email