Got questions about God? Never really understood Christianity? Maybe you gave up on it a long time ago. Alpha was designed for you or anyone curious about the Christian Faith.

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions, exploring the challenging questions about life and faith in a relaxed and informal environment. Sometimes it's easier not to ask questions, but on Alpha everyone is encouraged to say what they think and ask whatever questions they want.

Each session includes a meal, a short talk and discussion. At any point, if you think Alpha isn't for you, that's not a problem. There's no pressure, no follow up and no charge.

Topics covered include

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Why did Jesus die?

  • Why the Bible?

  • What about the church?

  • Why and how should I pray?

27 million people have been on Alpha in 169 countries and 112 languages! Why not give it a try? #TryAlpha 

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Starting Point

Starting Point

Are you curious about God, Jesus, the Bible Christianity? Recently started your relationship with Jesus or returning to Church after some time away?

Starting Point is a free 8 week course where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. No questions or discussions are off limit; this is an opportunity to explore faith freely - it's not a place where people talk at you, they talk with you. 

Each week starts with coffee, before a DVD talk by Andy Stanley. This is followed by some open discussion. 

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Topics covered include

  • Something Happened 

  • Coming to Terms 

  • Sea of Glass 

  • The Role of Rules 

  • Nothing But 

  • Amazing 

  • Don't Stop 

  • Invitation 


Starts on Sunday 23rd April 9.30am - 10am and runs for 8 weeks 

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