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Welcome to Kids! As a team, we love all the children that God brings our way, whether on Sundays or during the week. We want Kids to be a place where the children and team love to be! In partnership with the parents/carers we want to model Jesus' love for them.

We believe that children are part of our Church and we want them to grow in their faith just as much as the grown-ups! We encourage them throughout Sunday mornings to read the Bible, pray for each other, and as they grow older to serve and give as well as sharing God's heart for their friends. We encourage the children, with the team, to chat to God; to listen and to respond to what He is saying through the Holy Spirit.

Throughout Kids, we want to encourage and provide opportunities for the children and team to bless others, to step out in their faith and grow in the gifts and talents God has given them.

We welcome and support children with special needs.

Click here to find out about Safeguarding

For more information speak to our Kids Co-ordinator Lily Broadbent or email

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We would love to welcome you to join the fun in Kids on a Sunday. We have two groups - Mini Kids and Big Kids. 

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Mini Kids is for those up to and including full-time nursery. We love playing, singing, creating things and learning about Jesus with the help of a few of our puppet friends!

You will find Mini kids down the corridor to the left of the main entrance of Overton Grange School. Look out for the mini kids sign and a friendly team member in an orange t-shirt.   



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Big Kids is for school aged children. We go on an exploration each morning, visiting different zones, encountering Jesus along the way! 

Big kids use a number of locations around Overton Grange School.  You can sign your child in at the bottom of the stairs in the foyer. Look out for the Big Kids sign and a friendly team member in orange.


If its your child's first time in kids, we'll ask you to fill in a few details to ensure we can keep your child safe as possible while they are in mini or big kids. We use a wristband system to sign your children in and out of kids and you can sign them in with one of our team from 10.15am, which is when Kids begins. Sign in closes at 10.30am. 

If you would like your child to attend kids on a regular basis, we will ask you to complete a registration form for your child.  


Mini Kids

Mini Kids


In Mini Kids we have 3 different groups:

  • Birth - 18 months

  • 18 months - 3 years

  • 3 - 4 years

Our birth - 18months group pray and play together. See below for the curriculum followed by our 18 month - 3 years group and 3 - 4 years group. Keep up to date with what Kids are up to through the newsletter and social media.

18 months - 3 years

1st September - Moon and Stars
8th September - Sunshine 15th September - Wind and Rain 22nd September - Soaring in the Skies - Birds 29th September - Splash and Swim - Fish

6th October - Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers
13th October - Dedication Sunday
20th October - Baptisms
27th October - Soil and Sprouts

3rd November - Animals - Pets
10th November - Animals - Farm
17th November - Creepy Crawlies
24th November - Animals - Zoo

1st December - The First Caregivers
8th December - Cherished Baby
15th December - Christmas Party
22nd December - Family Service 29th December - Time to Celebrate

3 - 4 years

3rd November - God gives us plants to eat
10th November - God gives us food when we are hungry
17th November - Jesus is coming!
24th November - An angel come to Mary

1st December - Going to Bethlehem
8th December - Jesus is Born
15th December - Christmas Party
22nd December - Family Service 29th December - Welcome Jesus!

1st September - The Lost Coin
8th September - Buried Treasure 15th September - The Two Builders 22nd September - The Marvellous Yeast 29th September - The Busy Farmer

6th October - God gives us bread
13th October - Dedication Sunday
20th October - Baptisms
27th October - God gives us water to drink

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Big Kids

Big Kids


Check out what Big Kids will be learning about in the Autumn term here!

Keep up to date with what Big Kids are up to through the newsletter and social media.

1st September - 4 Points (God Loves Me)
8th September - 4 Points (I Have Sinned)
15th September - 4 Points (Jesus Died for me)
22nd September - 4 Points (I need to decide to live for God) 29th September - Baptism 1

6th October - Baptism 2
13th October - Dedications
20th October - Baptism 3
27th October - The Bible (Sweet)

3rd November - The Bible (Chew)
10th November - The Bible (Digest)
17th November - The Bible (Daily)
24th November - Christmas 1

1st December - Christmas 2
8th December - Christmas 3
15th December - Christmas Party
22nd December - Family Service 29th December - Film and Snacks

encounter zone - Pick up an instrument or find a spot to sit and soak with your own journal. This space is for your child to spend time exploring creative prayer, worship and giftings. All children begin their time in Big Kids in the Encounter Zone with a time of worship led by our Kids Pastor.

activation zone - Find out the story or theme of the week through drama, video or even puppetry, with a fun and engaging time in our Activation Zone.

adventure zone - Time to burn off some energy playing wide games, ball games and team games! There is also space to chill out with a board game too, or a game of giant Jenga!

construction zone - Hard hats at the ready! Who can build the biggest Lego fortress or Kinnex masterpiece? Enjoy art? Make a friend and learn a new skill from one of our crafty leaders with a craft based upon the Bible theme of the week.




At Sutton Vineyard we believe that when the church partners with families we can have a far greater influence on our kids and demonstrate the message of God's story to the next generation. 

We have pulled together a few resources that might be useful as you join with your child on their faith journey.