If you have decided that Sutton Vineyard is the church for you one of the key ways of getting involved is by joining one of our teams.

Joining a team is a great way of getting involved in the life of the church. It is one of the best ways of connecting with others and feeling part of the church community. 

We believe that by serving others we serve Jesus and His purposes and also practically demonstrate our love for others. By rolling up our sleeves and joining a team of like-minded servants, we help build the local church God has called us to be part of. 


Sunday Services

Sunday Services

Sundays are a small but very important part of what we do - and to make Sundays happen, we need everyone to get involved and to help out. 


Everyone who walks through the door of our church matters. We want every person to feel welcomed, noticed and valued. From our Car Parking team who are ready to welcome our guests with a smile and direct them to available car parking spaces, to our Welcome team who set up our Welcome Area, smile - a LOT, help guests find their way around the venue and answer any questions new people - and old-timers - might have, to our Hospitality team who organise and prepare our coffees and teas and serve with a smile - the Welcome teams exists to make our guests feel welcomed, included and looked after.

Set up and set down

Have you ever wondered how a school building becomes a church? Each week we transform the school into a functioning space to do church. Our team set up (and set down) chairs, staging, rooms for the Kids ministry, sapce for people to hang out, and most importantly, the coffee area!


Our services and events would be pretty unimpressive if we had no lighting and no sound! Our PA and AV teams make that happen. They set up PA equipment for the worship teams, monitor the sound, arrange the lighting and provide AV for songs, talks and video presentations.


From babies to 11-year-olds, Kids seeks to help our children grow in their relationship with God in fun and relevant ways. We have many different groups on a Sunday morning so if you’re keen to help children get to know God, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. 


We have a large, thriving Youth group with young people from school years 7 to 13, and want to see our young people grow in a faith that sticks. Whether it be on a Sunday morning alongside the main services, or on Friday and Sunday evenings, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.


Worship is one of our highest values as a Vineyard Church. We have numerous worship teams who provide excellent worship for services and other meetings/events that go on throughout the week. The teams rehearse weekly, arrive very early on a Sunday morning and pack away at the end. The Worship team members also serve in another ministry.


Serving in the Community

Serving in the Community

God calls us to ‘love our neighbours as ourselves’ and our community ministries are one way we do this, both locally and internationally. We love Sutton, and being part of London, and are committed to making a difference in our local area by serving generously and abundantly, connecting with people to see lives transformed both physically and spiritually. 

We want to make a difference by practically demonstrating God’s love and acceptance to everyone, with no strings attached, whatever their background, circumstances or religion - because we believe God is compassionate and cares deeply about our neighbourhood and our community. 

We have a range of compassion ministries which enables us to do this through one-off events, and regular spaces to meet, serve and pray with people.


Lighthouse aims to provide good quality new and pre-loved baby clothes and equipment in a supportive and caring environment. It is open to anyone in the community who needs it, whatever their income, background or faith. From meeting and greeting visitors, to helping sort and wash donations, there are plenty of ways to get involved with this exciting ministry.

Wendy House

The Wendy House is our group for babies, pre-schoolers, and their grown-ups, to play, learn and socialise together. Run on a Monday and Tuesday morning, we serve the families in our community by offering a fun range of toys and activities for little ones. From unpacking toys from the shed, to making the drinks, to welcoming families, there are plenty of ways you can get involved throughout the morning.

Healing on the Streets

Healing on the Streets is a simple, non-confrontational way to reach out to the lost and hurting on the streets of Sutton. It enables us to connect with our local community on a regular basis, powerfully expressing God’s love in the marketplace through prayer. Our HOTS team go out on a Saturday once a month, to meet and invite those who are interested to sit and be prayed for. The HOTS team welcomes anyone to join them and full training will be provided.


Sanctuary is a ministry that looks to reach out to the women in Sutton who are affected by domestic abuse. We want the women to know the love of God through our actions, relationships and practical blessings. Sorting out and providing essential items and beautiful gifts or being able to help at a termly paper session are just a few ways you can help within this ministry.


There are many things we do in life for which we get no training, and have to just learn on the job. We run a range of courses focused on a particular area of life which is valuable both to people from within our church, and for those in our local community. All our courses are free and often DVD-based. Whether you have expert knowledge and can lead discussion, or can make tea and load the dishwasher, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.


Alpha is a series of sessions for those looking to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal environment. Each session starts with some food, then a talk followed by discussions. Running Alpha is a real team effort and there are many ways you can get involved in a course, including being a group leader or behind-the-scenes- setting up, cooking, baking and washing up.

Sutton Community Works

Sutton Vineyard is one of the local churches that make up Sutton Community Works - a group of churches in Sutton committed to putting faith into action to meet the needs of our local community. Sutton Community Works exists to do things that can be done better across churches than could be done individually, as it enables us to do things on a larger scale. Many from Sutton Vineyard serve alongside those churches, supporting Foodbank, Street Pastors and School Pastors.

Sutton Schools Work

Sutton Vineyard supports Sutton Schools Work who go regularly into our local schools, providing support with assemblies, PSHE lessons, supporting CUs and parent prayer groups in providing pastoral support. This ministry is supported by volunteers from local churches.



Aside from our Sunday team serving opportunities we also have lot of additional opportunities for people to volunteer throughout the week. 

If you can help with making tea and coffee for the numerous training events we hold at our Church Centre and The Dolphin, cook meals for Alpha or Welcome lunches, bake cakes, or do a spot of gardening, we would love to have you as part of our volunteer team!


So much goes on behind the scenes at Sutton Vineyard and there are always administration tasks that need to be done, to benefit the church body and our community. If you have any time on your hands during the week we would love to utilise your administration skills. 

Maintenance and Guarding 

Our venues, Stayton House and The Dolphin, host many groups and events. If you are handy with DIY or have a specific maintenance skill, there are often jobs that need doing to ensure the smooth running of our venues and keep them looking clean and welcoming.